Pilot Licensing Fee Calculator

How to calculate fees for licence applications

The fee calculator is an easy and quick to use tool to assist you in calculating the fee for your application using the latest charges from the April 2014 CAA Personnel Licensing Scheme of Charges (UK Official Record Series 5 No. 289)

On 17 September 2012 changes to pilot licensing come into force with the introduction of EASA Part-FCL, this will impact on all licence holders, many of whom will be required to convert from their current licence to a new EASA Part-FCL licence.  In addition some licence holders will need an additional National licence if flying an Annex II aircraft type.  There will be a transition period of some years for both professional and private licence holders; therefore the fee calculator will be revised annually to reflect annual changes to the Scheme of Charges.

Three important points must be considered when using the Fee Calculator:

  • The Scheme of Charges in force is the legal basis for licensing charges; the Fee Calculator does not supersede this document.
  • Not all application types are covered by the Fee Calculator; therefore please refer to the current Scheme of Charges if your particular scenario and application is not covered by the calculator.

  • The Fee Calculator is designed to work for one aircraft category at a time (eg Aeroplane, Helicopter, etc).  If applying for licensing action on more than one category please use this calculator to derive the appropriate charge for each aircraft category separately.

Pilot Licensing Fee Calculator

Application flowchart

To support the calculator, the following flowchart can be used as a guide on the fees that may be applicable for your application.