• Official Record Series 3 (ORS3) contains important information such as:

    • the ATOL Standard Terms
    • the Accredited Body Standard Terms
    • the Schedule of Agency Terms to be included in agency agreements
    • the format for ATOL Certificates
    • the format for Annual Accountants' Reports
    • the rate and payment periods for ATOL Protection Contributions (APC), and
    • exemptions from the ATOL and ATT Regulations

    Modernising ATOL

    The CAA has published its response to the consultation “Modernising ATOL”.  The consultation, which was launched in February 2018, closed on 23 March 2018 and 38 responses were received. 
    The consultation contained proposals on how we should implement the changes being introduced to the ATOL Regulations and the Package Travel Regulations, principally through changes to the CAA’s Official Record Series 3 (ORS3). 
    We have also published the new edition of ORS3 and most of the information in ORS3 comes into force on 1st July 2018.  However, as required under ATOL Regulation 40, the changes to the ATOL Standard Terms come into force 28 days after publication.  These changes will therefore come into force on 6th July 2018.


    Section 1.2 of the ORS3 includes the Exemptions from the ATOL Regulations. In accordance with Regulation 11 of the ATOL Regulations any Exemptions granted by the CAA from time to time after publication of ORS3 are published on this site.

    EasyJet Exemption 2018

    Public hearings

    If in accordance with ATOL Regulation 57(3), the CAA is required to publish notice of the date, time and place of a public hearing, the details would be published on this site.